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Fiona Lily

Hi, I'm an English writer, songwriter and music producer living in the Midlands with a fox, a family of squirrels and other animals...

Fiona Lily Music


I've been writing music seriously since 2005 - releasing my first album in 2007. It's all been taken off the internet to be remixed, remastered and relaunched in 2022 which is a pretty exciting project. I also wrote the music for SongStarz, a worldwide musical for schools been available since 2017, the first book on which the musical is based is being released December 2021 - it's been a lot of fun to do.


I write the SongStarz series of books and also health and wellness books under the moniker 'Lily Diggins' who's mentioned in the books. For more on SongStarz see SongStarz.com.

Fiona Lily Writing
Fiona Lily LifeStyle


Lyrics from my songs have long been used for lifestyle products under the Fiona Lily brand and are available through small independent shops worldwide. They'll be online soon too... watch this space.

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Sir Ray Davies.

Fiona Lily

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